So I was fishing the other day with some friends and they were talking about the best family florida beach vacations and I have to tell you there are a lot of great choices out there. So the conversation went on and on. Partially because every time I start talking about things like the hotels in cocoa beach fl or anything related to taking a trip I kinda end up going on a bit of a tangent. Thats what everyone else says anyway. I say I am just passionate about what I do.

So out of no where a big redfish grabs the line and takes off. The conversation immediately paused as my friends ran around to help me catch fish that seemed to be huge by the way it was pulling. So I played the powerfully gental game of tug-a-war with this beast of a fish. After about about 12 minutes I thought I had this fish. I was dreaming about turning my dining room into one of Cocoa Beaches Best Restaurants for the evening with this fish. When out of no-where the line broke. I was bumming for a little while but it inspired all my friends to keep fishing for another couple hours. I think they were going after the fish that got away.