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So the other day I was sitting with some friends overlooking the water talking about all the fun things there are to do in cocoa beach Florida. And I decided to check the mail. Now for me personally, I don’t get many hand written letters anymore. Do you? Well anyway. I had to give it a read. And let me tell you, it was nice to get a little reminder of how great of a Florida Beach Vacation Destination Cocoa Beach is. Let me tell you why… You see I get emails every once and a while about how much fun people have here when they have after finding a one of the hotels in cocoa beach Florida. Simply because I help a lot of people that come to the area find things like restaurants in Cocoa Beach Fl or whatever. But I usually just skim through those. After all who has time anymore to read all of your emails. Nope you just have to kinda make sure there isn’t anything your missing, then move on right?

Well reading a hand written letter was a completely different experience for me. I sat back on my dock and read it like it was a novel, hanging on to every word. In that letter I learned so much about a family that came to the area, and enjoyed a big part of what it has to offer. I am going to tell you the letter inspired me so much that I feel in love with my job of helping people on vacation all over again. In fact so much that I am not going to skim over anymore emails that have different people telling me what a great time they had here in cocoa beach.

In my next little article I am going to tell you a little more about this hand written letter and why it meant so much to me. Until next time!


This little article is about the Cocoa Beach Hotels that I have been too. Of course there are lots of hotels in cocoa beach that I wont talk to you about. Thats why its important to me to hear back from you. Is there any hotels in cocoa beach that you have been to that you believe deserve recognition? It honestly doesn’t matter if the feedback is good or bad. I want to know about your experience so I can help educate everyone that is thinking about going to cocoa beach.

Now when you are choosing a Florida Beach Vacation its not cool to end up choosing the wrong place to say. Thats why in all of these blogs i am not just sharing information but I am also asking your for your experience.

Ok, so I went to the hilton in cocoa beach the other day to and really enjoyed the strawberry pina colada and sushi i would highly recommend it. I got to enjoy it overlooking the pool with the beach in the backgrownd. I live here so I haven’t stayed here yet but I think I am going to the next big event on the beach so I don’t have to drive home.

Are you suprised that I stay at hotels locally even though I live in the eara? Well the reason I do this is because when I get out to the larger events like the air show or the super boat races… I don’t like to worry about anything else but enjoying the event. And its kinda like taking a little mini vacation. Ya, I feel really lucky that I can drive twenty minutes away to take a vacation or stay-cation. Anyway, don’t mean to rub it in if you don’t live around here. But at least you know if you are thinking about going to cocoa beach for a vacation that its nice enough that the locals even stay at the hotels here when ever there is an excuse for it.